Разрешение на использование материалов о бодинамике для сайта Bodynamic.by


This is to confirm that

The Belorussian coordinators of Bodynamic International Sergey Sokolov, Galina Lankevich, Oleg Rumiantsau has the right to use the Bodynamic name on websites bodynamic.by, as well as in different kinds of advertising, use all of the different articles and videos that Bodynamic International allow them to use concerning the Bodynamic system as follows:

- the article Bodyknot model, by Erik Jarlnaes and Lisbeth Marcher;
- the article: "Individuation Mutual Connection and the body", an interview of Peter Bernhard with Lisbeth Marcher;
- some materials from Danish, Greek, Holland, USA and out of operation now Canadian websites;
- video of some theoretical parts of seminars given in Minsk.

Where possible the Bodynamic logo has to be used where the different materials are distributed.

Erik Jarlnaes
Date: 22 june 2014

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